Design your own success

Sign up for our 10 week coaching series titled the Roadmap to Success! In which we offer the tools to help you create and use your own roadmap to get to the success you desire.

Here is an overview of what we will cover.

     Where to start....
         Where are you now vs. where you want to be
         Clear assessment as to where you
         Clear assessment of what your behaviors are
     What makes you different?
     Who is your target market?
     Where do you want to go? (road map... what’s your destination?)
     How to get there - How to get around road blocks
     Building your team around you
     Systems - Checks and Balances
     Getting the word out - how to reach your target market
     Measurements - Did you reach your destination?

Our course starts September 6th  through November 8th (Every Tuesday at 7PM pst.) If we get enough interest, we will do it again another time of the year.

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