Most people when they set out to build their business website, do not think about, nor do, any significant market research. They see it as an expensive, time consuming luxury that redirects their time and money from more important tasks.

People waste time and money

1. Hiring web designers, not marketers.

2 Building bad websites with no sales funnel or conversion strategy.

3. Spending to much on wrong key words or bad PPC advertizing.

It does not have to be that way!

Market research is a critical part of building any successful business on or off line.

We offer:

Niche key word report, This ensures the correct positioning for your product/service along with effectively targeting your sites content. It is research into who your target market is, and if there is any missing needs your website may should address.

Analysis Report, Our analysis report may be on your own site to help you understand the strengths or weakness of your own website, or it may be on your competitors websites to get a peak into their strengths, weakness, back-links, and keywords. This helps you better shore up your own marketing strategy and have a good idea on what your competition is doing.

Marketing Strategy consultation, One of our experts would be happy to do a hour telephone conference with you to review and look at your current website and social media strategy, and to give valuable input and suggest services that may strengthen your current goals.

Contact us to get a report or set up a consultation.


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