VI Mission

Our Mission is to simplify business structures as we build relationships to assist clients in brining their idea to a viable, successful business venture.

VI VIsion

Our Vision is to expand our relationships and systemize services and products to empower entrepreneurs and existing business owners to fulfill their dreams.

Whether your interested in growing your team and expanding business on or off line or your just looking to get started we can help!


Internet Solutions

Rustin Hawver

Director: Rustin Hawver
Rustin has built an awesome team around him to offer a full spectrum of internet solutions. We can assist you in various aspects of your on-line growth. He is insightful in helping you choose what your message is and how to get it to your audience.

Business Solutions

Gwen Hawver

Owner: Gwen Hawver

Gwen Smith has been in the business world for over 18 years, with experience in both for-profit and non-profit arenas. Gwen founded and has run Helping Hands Contract Office Support for the last four years. She is also Co-founder and managing member of Vision Interface LLC.


Legal Advisor

Catherine King

Legal: Catherine King

Catherine King, our legal adviser, is a practicing attorney with over 18 years experience, specializing in incorporation and business law, along with real estate law. She is also a licensed real estate broker and entrepreneur.

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