What our clients are saying about us:

Vision Interface did a great job on my new web site.Gwen is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Thanks, Scott W. Whiting

“It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to providing you
with additional work for both highWAY Financial Networks and Community Transformation Wellspring as our sales revenues increase. Thank you for your prayerful encouragement and practical "hands on" support during one of highWAY's most intense periods.

Bryan Erickson, President

"Vision Interface,  gave me the ability to see my business come to life on paper. Creating a business plan is hard work and Gwen, gave me the inspiration and encouragement to see it carried through; more then anything, she helped translate my business ideas into a working model to fulfill my dreams."  

Again, thanks for all your knowledge! 

Heather Gold

Intuitive Order 

Below are testimonials for our SEO team

Our Results Speak For Themselves
239 Active accounts in the last 6 months
11,165 Top 10 listings
That is an average of over 46 top 10 listings per account.
Obviously some are larger programs but this is our legitimate average.

I wanted to update you on some of my results. My Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney site is now has 17 #1 rankings, even for "Orange County Bankruptcy" which for a couple of years now has been exclusively reserved for sites about the bankruptcy of Orange County in the 80's. But, nowmy website reigns supreme over all of them.

Sam B.

You've taken a brand new national Skin Care site from nowhere to #1 globally for "anti aging products" and they are already up to #25 in the world for "anti aging". 

Thanks again for all your help.

We started a 10 keyword, Local SEO plan at the end of March. At first we were not indexed for any of our keywords. I thought that was odd because I know we had a halfway decent WordPress site that had been live since last year so we should have at least been indexed. 

Just two days later we were not only indexed, but ranked #2 on Google for one of our top keywords, #4 for another. By the end of the month, we were ranked all over page 1 for a bunch of our top keywords.

"The cost of the SEO service has paid for itself 20-fold."


We've had a really nice December and I wanted to say thank you.

You know we couldn't have done it without your help. We had a great year, you were an integral part of our survival and profits this year.

We're not getting rich, but we did better than last year and in this economy I think that's one part miracle! Thanks again. I believe you're a big part of us still being in business this year and I really appreciate that!

Thanks so much!


"To say that John is a an expert in SEO and Search Engine Marketing is a gross understatement. The simplicity with which he approaches his work of educating people in this disciple is humbling. He calls it like he sees it - he keeps it 'real' and his advice and training work. What more can you ask? - oh he has a fine sense of humor which makes the learning experience all that more enjoyable. Thanks John for everything." 

Stephen James Joyce


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