We walk you through the non-profit process!

It is a process to become a non-profit organization. But, it’s worth it for most who are considering it.  Organizations that meet the non-profit requirements of the IRS section 501 (a) are exempt from federal income taxation. They are also able to receive donations that are tax deductible to the donors (under code 170), and to be eligible to apply for appropriate grants.

The most popular is the 501 (c)3 designation of non-profit formation but there are many other options also, depending on what you want to do, gives us the answer to what you category the organization would fall into.

The process of becoming a non-profit
Find out how you help the public (we can help you clarify this)
Who is on your board?

Then We walk you through the steps:
Incorporate (we cannot finalize your non-profit status without it. )
Register for EIN number - if not already obtained
File the 1023
Set up first meeting and minutes
Then your ready to start!

Like any corporation, this becomes its own entity. It can sue and be sued, go in debt or make money. There are steps you need to take to maintain your compliance with state and federal reporting. We can help you stay on top of this too!


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